Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

It isn’t just homeowners that need insurance. People who rent their homes need it to, and you must make sure to get the right coverage for your situation so that you are fully protected. Plus One is here for you with renters insurance options for any rental situation. Most rentals in Nevada are not covered, meaning that potentially millions of people are at risk of losing everything if the unthinkable were to happen.

Renters insurance not only protects you against financial losses, but it makes you safer as well. Renters without insurance are more likely to take their time evacuating their home if they are uninsured. They will try to save any valuable property they have that they do not want to lose. With insurance, you can safely get outside knowing that your property can be replaced by insurance if it is lost.

Contents Insurance

Just because you don’t own the building in which you live does not mean that you don’t have valuable property to protect. Renters insurance can cover you for the things inside your home that may be lost to fire, theft, or any other risk for which you have coverage. Do not undervalue your property. Your sofa might be many years old and you may have purchased it off a friend, but it can still be insured for the cost of replacing it, and not just for what it would cost on the market. Your bed, clothing, furniture, books, and electronics can all be covered. Even if you don’t own much in the grand scheme of things, losing what little you have can be devastating.

Loss of Use

An unfortunate event such as a fire or a burst pipe can leave your rented home uninhabitable and unsafe until it is properly repaired and restored. You probably don’t have money for a lengthy hotel stay, but luckily, loss of use coverage will cover the expenses you need while your home is being rebuilt to its original state before the fire or flood.

Liability Coverage

You might think that liability only applies to the owner of a building. This is not so. Even if you don’t own anything of value, you can still be sued if an accident causes injury to someone else or damage to their property. Liability coverage will protect you in case of any lawsuits that might result from your actions. It will help paying for your defense if you don’t feel that the event or accident was your fault in the first place. Then, if you are found to be the responsible party, you will have protection against personal losses. You can choose what level of coverage you want, but the lowest recommended value is $100,000. In most rental situations, your home is surrounded by the homes of other people. If you are the cause of a fire in your unit, for instance, then there’s a good chance that other units will be affected as well. Liability insurance will help protect against losses when the insurance companies for those other tenants start to come after you for damages.

Many Landlords Require Insurance

More and more landlords across the state are requiring their tenants to have the minimum $100,000 in liability coverage before they rent out a property. This is to protect themselves and other tenants. Landlords cannot provide insurance as an amenity, since they cannot answer questions on an insurance application on your behalf, and they do not have any claim or interest in your personal property.

Rental insurance is designed for the needs of tenants to protect themselves against loss from the many situations that could put them at risk. Call Plus One today to get your policy in effect right away so that you are covered for any potential situation.


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