Property Insurance

Property Insurance

If you run a business in Nevada, then make sure that you have the right amount of business property insurance to protect any property that your business owns or leases. Property insurance can also cover equipment used for your business, such as tools, machinery, stock, office furniture, and computers. One thing that many business owners don’t think of is the lost income that results from having to shut down a business because of damage or some other covered loss. Property insurance can include income protection. Your records and important documents can also be protected through reproduction services so that you won’t be without them if something happens to destroy the original.

Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance is geared towards not just protecting your business from loss, but also towards making sure that you can get back to business quickly in the event of a covered event, such as fire or theft. There’s no reason for your business to be shut down because of an unexpected event if you have the right coverage. Plus One has several coverage options that you can change as the needs of your business change, so you can be sure that you are always protected.

Reduce the Risk

One of the best ways to protect your business is by identifying what risk factors you might have, especially when they may not be common to other businesses. Plus One can help you determine what risks you have, and how to best prevent issues from arising as a result of those risks. This will help you avoid accidents and incidents that could lead to potential losses. Plus One can evaluate your workplace to identify your risk exposure and provide you with strategies to mitigate it.

Types of Buildings That Can Be Covered

If your building is owned, rented, or leased for the purposes of conducting your business, then you should have property insurance to protect it. This can include large industrial buildings and small office workplaces. Shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and similar buildings should all have coverage as well. To get proper coverage, make sure to have an appraiser assess your buildings to determine the replacement cost of each, so that you can be covered for an appropriate amount. Then, talk to Plus One about what the right coverage amount would be for your business and all of the buildings that you work from.

Types of Coverage

There are several things for which you can be protected with our business property insurance plans. Plans include coverage for any buildings. This can be for replacement or for repair. You could get reimbursed for the costs of demolition and for construction of a new building or part of a building. Equipment that malfunctions, including your HVAC system, can be covered. Other common issues like plumbing backups can as well.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is an option that you can have added to your plan, since most business property insurance policies do not include this coverage. This will protect your assets against loss related to flooding, whether it’s from a storm or from a plumbing mishap.

Plus One Insurance is here to help with all of your business property insurance needs. Running a small business is stressful enough without having the worry of disaster striking your building. By having the right property insurance in place, your business and your assets will be protected in case of something devastating happening.


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