Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial or business auto insurance protects your business against the costs that you might incur if an employee or yourself is at fault in a vehicle accident. It covers damage to property, medical expenses, and any expenses caused if there is a fatality. This coverage applies in situations such as if an employee strikes a pedestrian and the pedestrian is injured, an employee gets into an accident and totals another vehicle, or even for small things such as destroying a mailbox or other personal property.

Plus One is dedicated to making sure that businesses in Nevada are well-covered against accidents that can happen with commercial vehicles.

What Type of Business Requires Auto Insurance?

Business auto insurance is vital for any business that leases, owns, or rents any kind of vehicle for their operations. This can include whether it’s cars, trucks, or both. It also includes businesses that have employees who do company business using their own vehicles, or who use vehicles owned, rented, or leased by the company.

Vehicles That Are Covered

Any vehicle that is used for business purposes should be covered under your business auto insurance plan. This includes cars that are only driven to and from meetings, large trucks and cube vans that transport heavy materials, and everything in between. This does not include vehicles that are used to commute to and from work, however. Only vehicles that are driven in the commission of work duties.

Risk Engineering

Even if you have proper coverage, it is in the best interests of the business that you avoid accidents at all costs. Plus One can help by providing you and your staff with the information you need to stay safe on the road. This means analyzing all company drivers’ records, providing a review of what the most likely causes of accidents would be and providing strategies to prevent them, and providing information on any driver safety programs that might help and possibly lower your costs.

Custom Coverage

No two businesses are the same. Every one has unique circumstances that lead to unique risks and unique coverage needs. At Plus One, we are dedicated to finding customized policy solutions for your business that will meet your specific needs and that will work for you. There are a variety of coverage options that will protect you against damage, liability, and lost income. You could also have the option of reimbursement for having to rent a vehicle and for towing services. Make sure that your Plus One representative knows exactly what your needs are so we can make a plan that is perfect for your business.

Extra Coverage

That custom plan may include extras that go beyond standard policies. This could include providing discounts if your business uses hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles, or coverage for electric vehicles. You can also get glass coverage for if your vehicle suffers damage to any windows. This option can also be provided without a deductible.

Plus One is your one-stop-shop for all of your business insurance needs, including auto and vehicle insurance. Having a fleet of vehicles, or even just a sedan that is used to attend meetings, carries with it risk that could leave your business left holding the bag if something bad happens. Call today to discuss the unique needs of your company and to see how Plus One can help.


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